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The expression 'Spiritual direction' might sounds religious enough to put many people off , but read on…


Many of us find it hard to hear God speaking, whatever your understanding of the word ' God '. Spiritual direction offers a one-to-one conversation with a trained listener, so that together we can unpick what's going on inside. This is not counselling, but a particular form of specialist listening- a ' soul friend' to walk with you for a while.  


Many people benefit from this type of encounter, and have a regular meeting with Ronni for this purpose.


Interested? Contact us and find out more.


I find the relaxed, conversational, style  enables easy discussion of all aspects of my spiritual journey. Ronni asks questions that relate to my whole wellbeing, which often lead me to a new understanding of my relationships - with my family and friends as well as with God.

Ronni demonstrates a very genuine interest and concern for my spiritual growth and, in consequence, I really look forward to my meetings with her.

I leave the sessions feeling exhilarated and reassured that, even though I may take steps back as well as forwards, I am most definitely progressing in the right direction!