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Retreats- some people love em, others find them sooo hard. It's not you - it's the way retreats have traditionally been. Here's a chance for a different style of retreat!


Creative Spirituality Retreats are for all people, for the exuberant and the quiet, with a structure and input that allows you to develop and engage with the process in a way that suits you. A chance to explore your spirituality, whatever that might mean to you, in a secure environment, where you can develop at your own pace, using different approaches- not just your ears!


From a couple of hours to a weekend, we’ll lead you through guided exercises, relaxation and reflective talks designed to help you slow down and catch up with yourself, enabling you to be open to your own spirituality. We firmly  believe that everyone’s creative but we don’t force a definition or style of creativity on you but allow plenty of space for creative thought and expression.


There’s absolutely no requirement to sign up for a particular faith position, that’s entirely your affair.


Retreats are usually tailor-made for a particular group so contact us for the latest dates and possibilities.


Previous retreats have included:


Picture: The Creative Path