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Married to the Church

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Married to the Church

How to survive life in the vicarage!


Who for? This course for anyone who’s living or going to be living with a partner and the church! Its based on the ups and downs and real pressures that Ronni and Gordon have experienced and offers an opportunity to ‘get it off your chest’, say what you really feel, learn form others and find practical ways forward. We know it isn’t easy, but we know there are answers too...

It would be ideally suited to clergy training situations either before or after ordination.


See also Work Life Balance


What is covered?

The challenges and opportunities of clergy life for the clergy couple

An introduction to Work Life Balance

Keeping it together under pressure

Time for you, for both of you, for God and the job

Planning for success

Getting away from it all



A range of training strategies including discussion, seminar, small group work and workshop.


Predicted Outcomes


Contact us to see how this course could be adapted for your situation.

Married to the church

Children’s Spirituality

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Pastoral Situations


Sermon slot workshop

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Any of these courses can be adapted to suit the specific needs of your team.