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In-house Training is where you book us to come to your premises to work with your team. This is the major focus of our training work, enabling us to tailor courses and events  to your needs with an appropriate  mix of elements. They can be any  length and take place over an appropriate time period such as a half day event followed by a number of evenings, or a two day event for example.  Combined with our consultancy work, In House Training  can provide the complete training and development service for your organisation.


Our approach is to find creative approaches - our courses are never just chalk and talk but will contain a variety of workshop, active learning, reflective and other appropriate methods taking full account of varying learning styles within the group. Our wide experience of training in diverse organisations gives our work a unique focus and we always work closely with our clients on identifying and achieving predicted outcomes.


How to arrange In-house events.

Take a look at our sample courses and other pages to get an idea of Creative Spirituality specialisms, or approach us with your own ideas and we’ll get back to you to discuss your personalised training plan.

Somehow your 'work sessions' don't seem like work, in fact they are really rather enjoyable, but you do get a RESULT  which is much appreciated.


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