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Ronni has hands on experience in helping churches work out their mission strategy. This can include analysing the parish demographic, deciding whether to employ a Youth and / or Children’s Worker, or helping the church or group to explore what’s really going on and consider options for the way ahead. In these situations an experienced ‘outside eye’ makes all the difference.

With first hand experience in community consultation, and having been a Vicar for many years, Ronni can help  you to develop a strategy to ‘see the wood for the trees’.


Consultancy can be for individuals, teams or an entire organisation and there are many strings to this bow. It can be short term to address a specific issue or longer to allow change to develop over time and to facilitate assessment and new planning. In the first instance do contact us to explore how we can actively engage with the situation to move things on in a positive way.


Previous consultancy has included:



Change Consultancy: Working with two churches coming together to work with one new Vicar, managing expectations and fears. Outcomes included an Awayday, helping to draw up job specs, facilitating difficult conversations and meetings.


Working with Clergy Couples on Work Life Balance and stress issues. Outcomes included learning to say no and structuring time better.


Working with Teams Ministries to develop collaborative plans and strategies.


Working with PCC members on finding creative ways to establish aims and objectives to meet the needs of the church and wider community.


Working with a church to develop a new strategy for young people in the church and parish.