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Children’s Spirituality


Who for? This course is for anyone who works with children of primary age: clergy and church leaders, teachers, Sunday school workers, children and family specialists, or for people who have a passion for children and feel that we could do more to enable children to speak and be heard expressing their questions about the big issues of life and about their experience of God and all that encompasses.


What is covered?

The challenges and opportunities of working with children

An introduction to faith and psychological development theories

A practical introduction to Godly play

Listening to children

Children and the church



A range of training strategies including discussion, seminar, small group work and workshop.


Predicted Outcomes


Contact us to see how this course could be adapted for your situation.

Picture: Children Aloud

Any of these courses can be adapted to suit the specific needs of your team.

Understanding Children Understanding God

Married to the church

Children’s Spirituality

Working with  schools

Pastoral Situations


Sermon slot workshop

Presentation skills