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Ronni became interested in children's spirituality when she became a mother, and found herself in increasingly sophisticated conversations with the children from the day they began to talk. All children have an innate appreciation for the spiritual, and talking with children convinced her that adults should sit up and take note of the insights that children bring.

Her research into the effectiveness on different styles of story telling on children's growing spirituality lead to 'Understanding children understanding God’, (SPCK 2007). This widely acclaimed book covers psychological, spiritual and religious development in children, written with the lay person in mind.


Children's spirituality is an area that is expanding fast. With the arrival of 'Godly play' in the UK, and the trend in society to listen more to our children, this is a key area for all those involved in religious or theological education, as well as those who work with children weekly in our Sunday schools.


Ronni's workshops help you to look at how children's spirituality develops, and where adults can learn from listening to the children that they encounter everyday, be it in the church, the street the playground or the school. She can also enable you to understand the best methods to help children as they grow as people of faith.


Ronni is presently researching the spirituality of children and young people with Special Educational Needs.






‘Ronni, you’ve got very big black boots’ ‘That’s because I’ve got big feet’

‘God must have enormous boots’.

Understanding Children Understanding God